June 24, 2011

AccuRUSI Framework will enable insurers to leverage and harmonise technologies to achieve business goals such as underwriting profitability and pricing accuracy
L&T Infotech has launched “AccuRUSI” (Accurate Risk Underwriting and Systems Integration), a framework aimed at transforming underwriting capabilities for insurance companies. This was launched during a global insurance event in the USA. This framework will enable insurers to leverage and harmonise technologies such as collaborative workstations, rules engine, BPM and advanced analytics to achieve strategic business goals such as underwriting profitability and pricing accuracy.

Avinash Lele, senior vice president–insurance & head of insurance business unit, L&T Infotech, said, “AccuRUSI enables better identification and evaluation of risk exposures, alignment of pricing and terms to the quality of risk, and improved underwriter productivity. Insurers thus will be empowered to reduce their loss ratios and improve underwriting outcomes.”
Insurance companies often struggle to make their underwriting functions more effective and responsive. Underwriters are forced to manually gather critical risk data from numerous disparate internal IT systems and external sources. Moreover, the policy administration systems that underwriters typically use are unable to provide sophisticated underwriting processing and analytical abilities. As a result, there is lesser visibility and control over underwriting throughput, risk selection and pricing accuracy.
L&T Infotech’s AccuRUSI framework is designed to address these challenges for Property & Casualty and Life insurers. It provides a collaborative platform to enable underwriters follow an effective risk evaluation process, a powerful decision support mechanism, and set of configurable business components for straight-through processing.
To deliver these benefits, the AccuRUSI framework includes business components for case management, risk information and analysis, location intelligence, medical test allotment and underwriting performance management. The AccuRUSI framework presents an opportunity for underwriters to collaborate, monitor business activity and improve overall underwriting discipline.

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