May 1, 2011

It could be almost a year before we finally get our hands on Windows 8.
In the meantime, early release versions of the operating system have been seeded to developers, and a ton of hidden feature have been discovered in the code.
The most anticipated semi-rumored feature of Windows 8 will be its ability to run on tablets. This will bring the full Windows experience on the go, and the OS will be packed with touch-friendly features.

While a lot of these aren't confirmed, it seems like Microsoft is turning Windows 8 into an OS on the go.
Not only will it be compatible with tablets, but it will also let you load Windows on an external drive and take it with you. You'll even be able to create an online ID and access your Windows settings, apps, and bookmarks from any computer.
We took a look at the best and latest rumors about Windows 8. Check out our favorites below.

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